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hotelsolute ®

hotelsolute® iconhotelsolute ® is an interface to book hotels all over the world. Actually we provide the booking of nearly 250,000 hotels around the globe. Now it is absolutely easy to arrange travel plans for business clients with prepaid hotel voucher. Handling is awesome simple and comfortable for the travellers. No creditcard payment at the hotels are necessary.

hotelsolute ® allows you to download, print or process by your own in your personal account:



Booking confirmations



Booking hotels worldwide with hotelsolute ® is simply comfortable by using different filters like categories, ratings, distances to specific adresses or points of interest etc. Check out hotelsolute ® right now and enjoy travelling!

flysolute ®

flysolute® iconflysolute ® is a booking engine for flights worldwide. All kind of airlines are intregated within a single  API. IATA, Lowcost- and Charterflights could be handled in one request and displayed in one result page.

flysolute ® is the easy way to book:

return flights

one way flights

multistop flights

open jaw flights

double open jaw flights

Choose by filters your favorite airlines, routings, booking classes, departure time or maximum permitted stops.

Check out flysolute ® right now and get ready for take off!

carsolute ®

carsolute® iconcarsolute ® is an amazing easy booking system for rental car worldwide. Get your car at the airport, downtown or pick it up at your hotel. Choose these options within the booking process. No payments with the rental car company are necessary at the check in counter. Presnt your prepaid voucher and start the engine. It has never been easier to handle business travel requirements.

Car Voucher


Booking confirmations



As there are lots of filter options to search for your favorite car you will get the best solution for your mobility. Filter by insurances, free allowed kilometers, free tank of petrol, categories or locations make your travel planning awesome easy. Start your engine now!

cruisesolute ®

cruisesolute ®cruisesolute® icon

weathersolute ®

weathersolute ®

More Info

travelsolute has developed a new generation of booking engines for travel industries. To cover all travel needs we build awesome simple to handle and amazing fast APIs for booking flights, hotels, rental cars or cruises worldwide. We also set up an API to display the weather for travelling at every destination all over the world. Check out our products right here: