has never been more comfortable


make Internet Booking Engines easy to handle

and speed them up in a new dimension.

Book flights, hotels, cars or cruises worldwide from all major suppliers.

About us

travelsolute is an internet devolpment company based in Germany with the headquarters in Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe is well kown for its hightech companies and one of the most popular hightech regions within Germany.

travelsolute is a young startup company with specialists in travel business and web development.

The special requirements for business and leisure travel motivates us to build fast and easy to handle booking engines for every target groups.

  • Crafted with love

    travelsolute creates new and unexpected designs for travel portals.

  • Melodical by nature

    travelsolute develops web portals that allows intuitive use and make travel planning and booking as smooth as silk

  • Lightning Fast

    travelsolute puts the focus in development on speeding up booking processes. Make them simple and comfortable to reach the final destination as soon as possible.

  • Freaky Filters

    travelsolute set up new filter technologies so that users get exactely those results fitting their needs.

Jörg Detfurth

Jörg Detfurth

Managing Director


Jörg is working in travel industries since 1991. He founded different travel companies. Starting with sports travel and journeys with up to 1000 clients each. He managed a sports hotel in Austria, a sports shop and a travel agency in Germany. Working as consultant for different travel companies and internet portals gives him the expertise to set up this company.

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Art Director

you love perfect designs, create details till the output is perfect and want to join a startup team: come to our team



Technical Director

you love programming speciallly in Ruby on Rails, have a university degree, some years development experience and staff responsibility: we are waiting for you!



Marketing & Sales

you love to set up new ideas to promote our products, love networking with industrie partners and key accounts, so join our team!